Heterogeneity and Cooperation

This project looks at the implications of heterogeneity on cooperative behavior.

Conservation and Protected Areas

This project examines the effects of protected areas on individual and community welfare.

Data on transnational ecological compensation under a ‘no net loss’ biodiversity policy

We conducted surveys in Denmark, Spain, and Ghana to solicit individual preferences for national and international ecological compensation for forest cover lost in the participant's home country due to the construction of a road. In the same survey, …

Data on Donation Behavior Towards the Conservation of Migratory Species

The data contains 716 individual decisions and responses from a lab-in-field experiment and an exit questionnaire that were conducted in Denmark, Spain, and Ghana. Individuals were initially asked to perform a small effort task (i.e., correctly …

Nature-Based Solutions

We analyze the effects of specific nature-based solutions on individuals and communities.