Notion Yearly Planner

An academic planner template you can use as is or customize as you please.

Image credit: Anna Lou Abatayo


Looking for a digital planner to help you keep track of your goals and list of things to do? Look no further. Drawing inspiration from Bujo and from various planner templates available online, I took elements that I thought were helpful and created my own template.

To view the template, click here. To download it for personal use, click “Duplicate” (upper right) when viewing the template. Once the template has been duplicated and saved in your Notion account, you are then free to customize as you please.

I hope this template helps you plan your academic life like it has helped plan mine. I welcome comments and suggestions for improvement. If you have duplicated my 2023 template, you will notice that this template has been simplified quite a bit compared to its predecessor.

Unfortunately, the planner is only available in light mode (i.e., you can use it in dark mode, but it does not look good). If anyone is interested in creating a dark mode version of it, let me know!

Anna Abatayo
Anna Abatayo
Assistant Professor

My research interests include environmental economics, natural resource economics, experimental economics, and behavioral economics.