reMarkable Interactive Planner

An interactive planner for reMarkable and reMarkable2 e-ink tablets.

Image credit: Anna Lou Abatayo


Sharing a minimalist weekly and monthly interactive planner that I created specifically for the reMarkable and reMarkable2 e-ink tablets, but can be used for other tablets as well. To use, download the PDF file below and simply drag and drop the file from your computer to the reMarkable app. The last two pages of the PDF file are extra pages that can be duplicated and moved.

Free to download and use. Comments and suggestions for improvement are most welcome. Please refer interested individuals to this website instead of sharing the file directly to them. Thank you.

Download the interactive calendar for ReMarkable and ReMarkable2 here.

Anna Abatayo
Anna Abatayo
Assistant Professor

My research interests include environmental economics, natural resource economics, experimental economics, and behavioural economics.