Notion 2023 Planner

Plan your day, week, month, and year using Notion.

Image credit: Anna Lou Abatayo


Sharing my version of a 2023 planner using Notion. The planner combines my favorite features of the Passion Planner, the Bullet Journal, and the Notion planner template created by Ngan Pham. The latter is such a huge inspiration for how this planner turned out. The planner contains monthly and yearly goals lists, a weekly priority list, a daily to-do list, mood and book trackers, a gratitude space, and an automatically generated random motivation quote.

Free to download and use. Comments and suggestions for improvement are most welcome. Please refer interested individuals to this website instead of sharing the file directly to them. Thank you.

Download the 2023 planner by clicking here and duplicating the template. Enjoy!

Anna Abatayo
Anna Abatayo
Assistant Professor

My research interests include environmental economics, natural resource economics, experimental economics, and behavioural economics.